Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Раны / Rane (1998)

Directed by: Srdjan Dragojevic
Genre: Comedy,Drama
User Rating: 8.0/10 (1,401 votes)
Runtime: Canada:103 min | Hungary:100 min
Awards: 2 wins
Cast (first 5): Milan Maric, , , Vesna Trivalic, Nikola Kojo

Stockholm Film Festival 1998 Won Bronze Horse Srdjan Dragojevic
Thessaloniki Film Festival 1998 Won FIPRESCI Prize Parallel Sections Srdjan Dragojevic For its powerful, dramatic depiction of the brutal reality and complexity of life in the Balkans today.

How easy is it for desperate youngsters to become dangerous gangsters in a decaying society washed all over by the blood of war? Fairly easy indeed. Rane shows incidents, probably somewhat facts, that took place in Serbia of the war era. Things similar to what you see on this film could happen virtually everywhere, but this film gives a very Yugoslavian feeling to everything. Yugo style mafia, Yugo style murder, and all that. Revolting politicians and their greed are to blame, not only the desperate young men who lose their reasoning while trying to be someone. The film and the casting is overall successful, and it's so very Serbian. I recommend it to anyone who.. well anyone who likes a good film. But don't expect anything American style on this one, as I say it's Yugo to the bone...

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