Friday, March 19, 2010

Novel. "Loneliness in the net" by J.L Wiśniewski

"...find out on your own what a true love is. A love full of passion and sacrifice, born in the virtual reality. Find out what a friendship, betrayal and death really are...J.L Wiśniewski puts in words a story of two lost, lonely people and he does it in a truly brilliant way. She''s got theoretically everything - a good job, a husband and a house. The only missing thing is love. He loved once before, passionately and selflessly, but the death took it all away from him. They meet by chance in an internet chat. They made friends and after some time they''d decided they can''t live without each other any more.. They fell in love.Their lives got complicated again. Guided by the feeling of guilt towards her husband she decides to go back him, even though she''s pregnant with Jakub. He can''t aceept that and surely will never do that.The book makes you shed more than one tear and touches you deeply from the inside.I recommend it to you, it''s worth it".

A more contemporary story would be impossible: the Internet, pagers, airline e-tickets, genome decoding, text messages. And it"s a classic love story. A story of love on the Internet. The ultimate love, the one of dreams. Wiśniewski tells the story superbly and analytically taking his reader from near celebratory tenderness only to amaze a few lines later with daring eroticism. Loneliness on the Net is also a tribute to knowledge intertwined with a love story. It"s a story about molecules of emotions, about who discovered DNA, and what happened to Einstein"s brain.

Loneliness on the Net hit all bestseller lists in Poland (over 300.000 copies sold). The novel has been translated into many languages and was brought to the Polish cinema theatres as a feature movie in 2006.

Janusz Leon Wiśniewski (born 18 August 1954 in Toruń) is a Polish scientist and writer mostly known for his novel S@motność w Sieci translated into English as Loneliness on the Netю
Wiśniewski holds a Master of Physics and Master of Economics, qualifications both from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Doctor of Informatics from Warsaw University of Technology and Habilitation in Chemistry from the Technical University of Łódź. He is one of the authors of the computer program AutoNom, a naming tool for organic substances in the IUPAC nomenclature
Currently Wiśniewski lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.


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