Monday, February 1, 2010

Les Diables (2002)

...This French drama follows two orphans — Joseph (Vincent Rottiers) and the possibly autistic Chloe (Adele Haenel) — as they set out to find the parents who abandoned them in the streets years earlier. Joseph and Chloe, who does not speak, have been on their own for years, shuffling between foster homes and institutions... usually running away and being brought back over and over again. It's not really clear what's wrong with Chloe, but she's soothed by savant-like mosiacs she creates with pieces of broken glass. As the pair carry on with their journey towards a dreamed-up home they imagine to be their own, they commit crimes, flee bullies, escape an orphanage and slowly begin to discover the truth about themselves and growing up... -


* Director: Christophe Ruggia
* Script: Olivier Lorelle, Christophe Ruggia
* Photo: Eric Guichard
* Music: Fowzi Guerdjou
* Cast: Adele Haenel (Chloé), Vincent Rottiers (Joseph), Rochdy Labidi (Karim), Jacques Bonnaffé (Doran), Aurélia Petit (La mère de Joseph), Galamelah Lagra (Djamel), Dominique Reymond (La directrice), Frédéric Pierrot (L’homme de la maison)
* Country: France
* Language: French
* Runtime: 105 min
* Aka: The Devils

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