Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poppoya / Railroad Man/ Железнодорожник/

Japanese '60s icon Ken Takakura stars in this beautifully photographed film about an aging railroad conductor. Sato Otomatsu (Takakura) devoted his life to making the trains run promptly in the formerly prosperous mining town of Horomai. When his colleague informs him that the unprofitable line is being closed, he reminiscences on how his workaholic ways robbed him of his personal life. Because of work, he missed the deaths of his wife and only daughter. When an enigmatic high school girl with a passion for railroads pays him a visit, his life changes in unanticipated ways. Takakura received a Best Actor award at the 1999 Montreal Film Festival for this film.

Cast: Ken Takakura || Nenji Kobayashi || Shinobu Otake || Ryoko Hirosue,Hidetaka Yoshioka || Masanobu Ando || Ken Shimura || Tomoko Naraoka || Yoshiko Tanaka

Director: Yasuo Furuhata
Producer: Sunao Sakagami
Released: 1999 [Japan]
Genre: Romance
Sub-Genre: Drama

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