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In Weiter Ferne, so Nah! / Faraway, So Close! /Небо над Берлином 2

Faraway, So Close! (German: In weiter Ferne, so nah!) is a 1993 film by German director Wim Wenders. The screenplay is by Wenders, Richard Reitinger and Ulrich Zieger. The film is a sequel to Wenders' 1987 film Wings of Desire. Actors Otto Sander and Bruno Ganz reprise their roles as angels visiting earth, and the film also stars Nastassja Kinski, Willem Dafoe and Heinz Rühmann (in his last film role).

Cassiel and Raphaella, two angels, observe the busy life of reunited Berlin. Due to their divine origin they can hear the thoughts of the people around them and even try console a dying man. He also observes a forger who secretly asks for forgiveness for his forgeries.

Cassiel has been following his friend Damiel (a former angel himself) around, who senses his presence when he is with him and relates about his experiences of being human. Damiel now owns a pizza parlor under the name Casa dell'angelo (Angel's House), he has been married to Marion, a trapeze artist, who also works in a local bar in West Berlin, and the two have a little daughter (Marion).

Cassiel also follows Raisa Becker, an 11 year old girl who lives in East Berlin; he observes her life and the fact that she and her mother (Hanna Becker) are being followed around by Winter, a detective who works for Anton Baker, an American mafioso who seemingly owns a transport company. Others followed by Cassiel include Lou Reed and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Cassiel follows Hanna Becker (and Winter) to an abandoned building in the outskirts of East Berlin, she brings food to Konrad, a man that has been serving as a father to Hanna even though he was nothing more than her chauffeur during World War II. Cassiel travels back in time and sees that during heavy bombardment of Berlin at the end of the war, the Beckers were well off during the Nazi Régime but when the war was ostensibly lost, Dr. Becker fled to America with their boy and adopted the name Baker, but the mother, Gertrud Becker, decided to stay behind with little Hanna under the care of Konrad. Cassiel notices that Winter takes photographs of the old World War II cars that Konrad still keeps in mint condition.>>>>>>

Directed by Wim Wenders
Produced by Ulrich Felsberg
Michael Schwarz
Wim Wenders
Written by Richard Reitinger
Wim Wenders
Ulrich Zieger
Starring Otto Sander
Bruno Ganz
Heinz Rühmann
Peter Falk
Nastassja Kinski
Willem Dafoe
Solveig Dommartin
Rüdiger Vogler
Music by Laurent Petitgand
Nick Cave
Laurie Anderson
Lou Reed
Cinematography Jürgen Jürges
Editing by Peter Przygodda
Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics
Release date(s) 18 May 1993 (Cannes Film Festival)
France: 1 September 1993
Germany: 9 September 1993
United States: 21 December 1993
UK: 1 July 1994
Running time 144 min. (German)
140 min. (U.S.)
Country Germany
Language German

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